Onward into the academic sea

It’s been quite a while since I last posted. Far too many of my blogs begin in this way, which is a problem really. I’ve been somewhat busy and blogging has taken a backseat of late. In August of last year I started working at De Montfort University as a lecturer and researcher. I’ve been really enjoying this so far, and it’s giving me the opportunity to work on some more research projects, which I will eventually get around to blogging about. But it has meant that a good chunk of my time has been spent in the last few months getting to grips with things at work. However I’m aiming to start posting again more regularly, generally about twice a month is the hope. 

Being post-PhD is quite strange, especially as I’m working with the thesis still; trying to edit some sections into journal articles and such. One of the things I am doing based upon my doctoral research is presenting a paper at the Howard League conference in Oxford next month. I’ll be speaking on the Friday about reshaping youth justice based upon social justice ideals. It should be fun. Also next month I will be heading off into the wild blue yonder and and attending a workshop to develop proposals about young people’s mental health in Bangkok. So I’ll aim to post something about that too.

In the meantime I’ll be looking into apps for academics and university related stuff. So if any of you have tips for the Turnitin or Blackboard apps, please let me know!

About Jess Urwin

Lecturer in social work at De Montfort University, youth justice researcher, musician, crafter, constant reader.
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