Adverts that leave me

This post isn’t about research at all, but it is something that’s been bothering me. In recent years websites that compare car insurance quotes have become pretty common. Also, they all seem to have annoying adverts. From the Go Compare opera man, to anthropomorphic Meercats. When these first started popping up I decided not to use one that had an annoying advert. So was my go to option. Their adverts were pretty simple, quiet and made the point that they’ll do the annoying stuff so that you won’t be as confused when buying car insurance. The advert had a little cartoon person who told you this then jumped into their logo.

That’s all fine. Little gender neutral person telling me something useful. Good, that’s the comparison site for me. Then last year I lived without telly. We were a dvd’s only household. I was surprised at how much people talked about adverts, with me often having to ask what they were on about (Thanks, John Lewis). Now I have a TV license again and can see all the glory of tv advertising again. What has become of the little gender neutral person?

She’s sexy now. And no longer on her own! Or lacking any gender defining features! Hooray!

No. Not hooray. This bothers me. If they wanted to make the adverts more flashy, or have song and dance routines there was no need to give the little cartoon person tits. Or everyother character around them tits. Or abs. They seem so happy with the idea that sex sells that they even show money magically appearing from cleavage and crotches.

Buying car insurance is not sexy. It will never be sexy. It will still be people sitting in their pajamas at a computer the night before their policy expires just wanting to keep some of their hard earned money to spend on things other than their car. Not sexy.

So now I won’t use as a comparison site. Especially seeing as during their adverts what they actually do seems be be overshadowed by cartoon breasts. I’m not against breasts or anything, I’m just not sure what they have to do with car insurance. So mascot, enjoy your bum massage, but I’m not buying it.



About Jess Urwin

Lecturer in social work at De Montfort University, youth justice researcher, musician, crafter, constant reader.
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2 Responses to Adverts that leave me

  1. Annette says:

    I always thought that the adverts were the most annoying and would never use their site! Different strokes for different folks. I am sticking with my ‘british bulldog’ advertised insurer

  2. Izzy says:

    I hate those adverts! The latest one is even worse. We’ve got rather into muting all adverts and only switching the sound back on when the programme returns, it does make them seem even more ridiculous. I was however quite happy when I got a postcard from a meerkat…

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