PhD Progress (and the importance of not freaking out)

This week I had an annual review at University. This is basically a progress check to make sure everything is going ok and you’re likely to get everything finished within the three years. However, I made it out to be a scary interrogation despite everyone telling me it’s an informal chat. My thinking this way had the effect of my voice being quite squeaky when talking to the reviewer. Thank fully after about 5 minutes this wore off and I calmed down. The review was, like everyone told me, a chat about my progress and the topic. It was fine. The main thing I learned from it though wasn’t necessarily about research. It was about me.


ImageThis is me. I am Chicken Little. Complete with glasses. When ever something happens, I think the sky will fall and the world will end. Now, I’ve not seen the film version of Chicken Little (I though it looked rubbish), so I’m only going on the fairy tale here, but if i remember rightly the sky didn’t fall and Chicken Little had to eat some humble pie and stop freaking out. This isn’t how I want things to go. I am not going to eat thesis flavoured humble pie in two years time. So I just need to stop freaking out.

So I’m going to add an extra use to this blog. It’s not just going to be about my thesis or things I find interesting from the world of social science. Whenever I feel that the sky looks a bit unstable, or that cloud over there is giving me funny looks or something (the analogy has possibly gone too far), I’m going to write about it here. That way it gets out of my head and hopefully when I put these things in black and white they’ll seem silly and not worth worrying over.


About Jess Urwin

Lecturer in social work at De Montfort University, youth justice researcher, musician, crafter, constant reader.
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One Response to PhD Progress (and the importance of not freaking out)

  1. liedra says:

    Great idea Jess! Always happy to help you calm down too, given I’m on the other end of the PhD process – you have my number! 🙂

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